A Look Inside Elon Musk’s 9000-Person Rave at New Berlin Tesla Factory


Elon Musk wasn’t joking when he said that he wanted to throw a rave at his new Tesla factory in Berlin. The gigafactory, as it’s been deemed, hosted a 9000-person launch party on Tuesday (over the weekend), that took the form of a one-day festival. The party featured DJs, with techno giant Boris Brejcha as the headliner, and quite an impressive production. There was also an arcade, Ferris wheel, vegetarian food trucks, and more.

We’re able to get a second-hand view of the party itself, thanks to so many people posting videos of the event on social media. Besides the music and the stage, one of our favorite little bits here is the giant, inflatable robots that were dancing in the crowd. Elon also had some actual tesla coils that were spewing out tiny bolts of lightning.

Elon himself was at the launch party and announced that Tesla cars would soon become available for purchase in their new location.

You can check out a handful of videos from the gigafactory rave below. Enjoy!

today’s recap: 1/ drove a model Y, 2/ saw @elonmusk liiiiive, 3/ got into #GigaBerlin and NOW THERE’S AN OPEN AIR WTH @Tesla PEEPS AND @BB_BORISBREJCH?!!!!! okay thank you vvv much i am happy bye pic.twitter.com/7Z5XThyny0

— Giorgia Madella (@giorgiamadella) October 9, 2021

Tesla brings world star DJ Boris Brejcha to Giga Fest Berlin 🎶
Now thats cool 😎 @elonmusk @Tesla @Teslarati #tesla #gigaberlin @BB_BORISBREJCHA pic.twitter.com/21q1SxqtLc

— mrRR (@DiemarRace) October 9, 2021

Party at #GigaBerlin pic.twitter.com/ZvqARpueOp

— Tobias Lindh (@tobilindh) October 9, 2021

This is so cool to see @elonmusk! 😎⚡@Tesla #GigaBerlin rocks! 🤯 pic.twitter.com/E1QdPWQpt9

— Endrina Pavlić (@EPavlic) October 10, 2021

Ever seen Tesla coils making music?#GigaBerlin #countyfair pic.twitter.com/sAtXbkxsnt

— Tobias Lindh (@tobilindh) October 9, 2021

Live from Giga Berlin
See you tomorrow 😛😍@elonmusk @Tesla @flcnhvy @Kristennetten @SawyerMerritt pic.twitter.com/oJaK3dGfX2

— mrRR (@DiemarRace) October 8, 2021