Emancipator & Murge Take Flight on Dreamy Downtempo Dance Track “Sea To Sky”

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Two of the strongest names in downtempo music right now, Emancipator and Murge, have linked up for a gloriously lush track called “Sea To Sky.” Out via Emancipator’s label Loci Records, this track blends the best of both artists.

“Sea To Sky” takes Emancipator’s smooth organic sounds and adds Murge’s signature global textures. Swells of violins rise over a simple house rhythm, made ethereal with heavy reverb. In the background, choral chanting weaves with marimba notes. This is more than just your standard downtempo track though. Emancipator and Murge make sure to sprinkle in sonic easter eggs here and there, as a treat for listeners. Whether it’s a zinging, breaky synth line tucked into the back half of the song, or bird call samples, this track will have you paying close attention to what comes next.

You can stream “Sea To Sky” using the link below. Enjoy!

Emancipator & Murge – Sea To Sky