Emerging Lofi House Duo PVLMS Create A Dreamy Sound on “Pools”

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The beautiful thing about electronic music right now is how genre fluid it can truly be. PVLMS is the latest group to really explore and blend different influences within their sound on their most recent EP, Realizing the Limits, out via Fantastic Voyage.

Their track “Pools” caught our eye for the way it borrows from house, techno, and dreampop. “Pools” kicks things off with a pounding, more mechanical 4×4 techno beat. Gradually waves of dreamy synth and chimes wash over the track, drenching it in a gleaming, mystical ambience. It makes us feel like we’re on a swanky rooftop lounge in LA.

Despite forming in 2013, PVLMS has stayed relatively underground until now, playing venues around the South, where they call home. They’re definitely one to watch for, if member Lexi Sacco’s recent Twitch set for Dirtybird is any indication. You can check out “Pools” using the link below, enjoy!

PVLMS – Pools