Emerging Los Angeles Producer Edward White Shares Deep, Minimal House Track “Divine Conjecture”


With the pandemic putting live shows on pause for longer than we had ever hoped, producing music became an important practice for musicians around the world. Edward White is one of those producers, and he has just started to share some of the incredible work he’s completed over the past two years. His latest single “Divine Conjecture” is the perfect introduction to this promising artist, and proves he’s someone to watch out for in the future.

Inspired by House and Lo-Fi, Edward fuses genres together into a dreamy, minimalist tune with “Divine Conjecture”. The six-minute track starts with deep house beats and gentle piano tones that ease into up-tempo high hats and cascading synths. It’s reflective of Edward’s growth from playing in bands as a teen to producing his own music and finding his own unique sound in the process.

You can check out Edward’s new single at the link below. Enjoy!

Edward White – Divine Conjecture