Emerging Rapper Jelie Shares New Poetic Single “Just Like You”


Denver is known for its incredible local music scene, and we’re stoked to share another up-and-coming artist from the Mile High City. Jelie (pronounced like “Jell-eye”) has just dropped her newest single, “Just Like You“, an inspiring follow-up from her last single, “Cope.”

This new song describes the disappointment in losing your heroes as you grow older, and the grief in growing out of that inspiration. Jelie’s use of imagery paints a melancholy picture for the listener, her lyrics emphasized through minimalist beats and gentle, cascading synths in the chorus. Jelie had this to say on the creation of “Just Like You”:

This one was well controlled and close to home though. Hip Hop to the fullest. As a young artist, there are a lot of promises made and they come from every direction. For example, there were a number of artists that I looked up to locally that turned out to be egotistical and arrogant. I even looked up to family members that eventually would have led me astray.

If you’re in the Denver area in July, be sure to catch Jelie’s set at the Underground Music Showcase on Broadway! Until then you can listen to Jelie’s song “Just Like You” below. Enjoy!

Jelie – Just Like You