Emerging Techno Producer Directional Influence Debuts Dark Sound on “Seeing Beyond Fear”


Today we’re plucking another new artist out of obscurity for you. Introducing Directional Influence, a New England based techno producer who describes himself as “part musician, part designer.”

Only releasing his first few singles within the last year, his most recent release “Seeing Beyond Fear” shows huge potential.

This techno track feels expansive, creating an ambient soundscape where Directional Influence can really experiment within the genre. We’re gradually lulled deeper and deeper into a dark trance.

Like an astronaut floating in space, this track makes us feel isolated while simultaneously connected to the shadowy world he creates. Slightly creepy vocal sample lean into this, whispering about “what we fear in the dark and what lies beyond the darkness.”

We’re definitely keeping our eyes pealed for where Directional Influence goes next. You can stream this track using the link below. Enjoy!

Directional Influence – Seeing Beyond Fear