Eminem & Kanye West Have a Collab Coming Out This Friday

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You read that right. Eminem and Kanye West are together on a track for the first time since “Forever,” back in 2009. And who else but DJ Khaled could be the mastermind behind this team? “Use This Gospel” originally appeared on Kanye West’s Jesis Is King album from 2019. This version is remixed by Dr. Dre and The ICU, with Eminem hopping on the beat. The track appears as a remix on DJ Khaled’s new album, God Did.

Khaled has been at the helm of some of pop’s most viral hits, and this very well could be the next. God Did will be a who’s who of hip-hop with features that include the likes of Travis Scott, Drake, Quavo, Jay Z, and the late Juice WRLD, just to name a few. The album will release this Friday, August 26.

Peep the full tracklist below.

The holy scripture. 📜
This is a gift to the world. 🌎
This is a gift to the fans. 🎁
This is a gift for us. 🤲🏽
GOD DID. #GODDID AUG 26th https://t.co/ox0jTey83G pic.twitter.com/ieA2dSzv2f

— DJ KHALED (@djkhaled) August 23, 2022