Eminem Continues Cryptic Album Rollout, Shares Mysterious Message Announcing First Single


Eminem is back in full force… Just last month a cryptic message from his manager seemed to unveil his upcoming album title as REVIVIAL, and now it looks as though the title of the forest track has surfaced. If you’re not familiar with the wild announcement, be sure to get caught up on that story here as it’s one of the more insane album announcements we’ve ever seen.

In an insane cryptic message that the internet somehow decoded, a mysterious medication called REVIVAL seems to be the centerpiece around his album rollout. First the ad in an Instagram post by his manager led fans to dig further, revealing a voicemail message that seemed to announce his next album. Now Eminem himself has taken to Instagram to share a prescription note on a REVIVAL notepad sharing “Walk On Water” – Take as needed. The full project is due Nov. 17th according to Fader. We’d be surprised if this isn’t his first single and with him being the musical guest on Saturday Night Live this Nov. 18 with Chance The Rapper as the host… it looks like a prime opportunity for him to unleash new music. Stay tuned for more to come and enjoy!


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