Rising Artist Emmit Fenn Shares Soulful Future Bass Single “1995”


21-year-old artist Emmit Fenn recently made his TSIS debut for his incredible soulful single “Modern Flame” alongside vocalist Yuna and is back with another solid indie electronic song showing why he's an artist to keep an eye on. The talented artist produces, writes and sings on his releases and is back once again with the latest track “1995” off his upcoming EP. 

“In every song, I always want to do something completely different then the one before, so every song has a unique feel and can live in its own space. For 1995, which I’ve been holding on to for almost 2 years now, I really wanted to explore the feeling of being in a lucid state and what that feels and sounds like. After about 10 different versions of the song, my good friend Naderi and I went in and it finally all came together” – Emmit Fenn

This latest release further shows Fenn’s versatility showcasing his ability to create soulful, moody tracks combining organic and electronic elements as he worked alongside TSIS favorite producer Naderi. His gentle, passionate vocals are given subtle effects with slight autotune adding just the right amount of edge. The smooth, rolling production combines beautiful piano melodies with skittering hi-hats and rolling synths giving the song an almost haunting undertone while still remaining soulful.

"1995" includes electronic production throughout and is the focus on the future bass-styled drop incorporating saxophone. Along with the song, he’s launched his new site with multimedia interactive content alongside Active Theory to “to create a digital experience to follow each layer of the project.” You can see a video clip of this below, but check out the site to get the full experience. Enjoy! 

Emmit Fenn – 1995