Emmit Fenn Beckons Us To Move To His Upbeat New Single “BuDuDuDum”

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Emmit Fenn is back with a new tune strictly for the dance floor, wherever that may currently be. His newest release is titled “BuDuDuDum,” and it’s designed specifically to evoke some forgotten physical energy. You may have been lying around the house for the past week, but this new track here is the perfect reason for you to get up and move. The drums, bass line, and catchy vocal riff are impossible to resist.

Alongside this energetic new groove comes a music video that was crowdsourced with the help of his fans. Over 120 videos were submitted of people dancing to “BuDuDuDum,” and this epic compilation is the result. Kinda makes you feel like you’re able to dance with a whole crowd of people again!

Check out the track and video below for Emmit Fenn’s “BuDuDuDum,” and enjoy!

Emmit Fenn – BuDuDuDum