Emmit Fenn Shines On Brilliant Rendition Of Coldplay’s “Yellow”


Emmit Fenn is definitely a name you need to know. This young, rising artist is on his way to stardom with a string of releases that are just getting better and better over time. Today, Emmit drops off an extremely smooth cover of Coldplay’s Yellow.”

“Yellow” is a somber classic that almost everybody knows, but Emmit Fenn breathes new life to the track with his delicate but powerful vocals and soft, satisfying melodies. The result is a brilliant rendition of the popular track that anyone can appreciate. Emmit may have started off as a producer of electronic music, but he’s proved to his listeners that he really can do it all.

It’s always a pleasure to watch an artist progress from their very beginnings and achieve success. We’ve been following Emmit Fenn for a while, and he’s definitely going places, quickly. Keep him on your radar, and stream his brand new track “Yellow” below. Enjoy!

Emmit Fenn – Yellow