[PREMIERE] Rising Artist Emmit Fenn Makes TSIS Debut With Soulful New Single “Modern Flame” Ft. Yuna


We’re excited to be introducing talented newcomer Emmit Fenn to TSIS. For this new release, the 21-year-old artist has shared his amazing soulful single "Modern Flame" featuring veteran Malaysian vocalist Yuna.

"I wrote and produced "Modern Flame" at 3am after being in the studio all day, I could barely keep my eyes open at the time, I even forgot I wrote the song the next morning. I first intended for it to be a piano ballad with just piano and vocals and then over course of a couple months it slowly turned more and more electronic, and finally became what it is today – and then when I heard that Yuna wanted to do the second verse it just all came together – her voice is beautiful and she’s amazing. I’ve been keeping a lot of my music to myself for so long that I’m excited to final show the different layers and genres of the project" – Emmit Fenn

Emmit Fenn is a multi-talented artist who actually produced, fully wrote and sings on "Modern Flame". Fenn is an exciting rising artist with the same team that works with TSIS favorites ZHU, Gallant and more. The moody track builds upon Fenn's small catalog as he further displays his versatile abilities as a vocalist, songwriter and producer. Both Fenn and Yuna's relaxing vocals pair effortlessly with the somber production. The bouncing piano melody, slow rolling textures and punching percussion give the song almost a stormy vibe leading into the drop filled with shimmering synths and just the right amount of vocal chops giving it a catchy edge.

Yuna has worked with artists like Pharrell, G Eazy and we recently premiered her collaboration "Empty Room" with Big Wild and she sounds great once again alongside Fenn. Enjoy!

Emmit Fenn – Modern Flame (Ft. Yuna) | Stream Only

Photo credit: Jack Mckain