Empire Of The Sun Delivers New Single “Music On The Radio” Ahead of Fourth Album


Empire Of The Sun has officially begun the rollout for their fourth studio album, Ask That God. Fans have long-awaited new music from their favorite quirky duo, and still have a couple months to bear before the full release. In the meantime, Empire Of The Sun shares their second stellar single from the album, “Music On The Radio.”

This track makes us so happy. As long-time fans of Empire Of The Sun (like most), “Music On The Radio” takes us back to the old days, reminding us of hits like “Way To Go” and “High and Low.” The duo incorporate a modern spin to their production, opting for a bright bass line and crisp drum kit. Of course, Steele’s melodies are extremely memorable and sing-along-able as ever.

Emperor Steele commented on the meaning behind the track, sharing:

To me this song is like a teenager rebelling against his imaginary emotions. It’s penned in only that unique way Lord Littlemore can bring words to life. The bass wraps its arms around you in some kind of hypnotic groove and you’re powerless to its charms.

You can stream “Music On The Radio” at the link below. Enjoy!

Empire Of The Sun – Music On The Radio