Eprom & Alix Perez Return as Shades for Menacing ‘The Dance of Death’ EP

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The combined production powers of Eprom and Alix Perez are something to behold. The two launched their collaborative project, Shades, back in 2016, and since then have been consistently reigning sonic terror. Today the formidable duo unveil their next collection of haunting sounds with their new, perfectly timed project, The Dance of Death EP.

The sound of these four tracks will have you rethinking everything you know about bass music. The sound design alone will plunge you into a low-end spiral, but the project isn’t simply a collection of bangers. Shades take us to a realm beyond our imagining, creating dark soundscapes that beckon you to step into the void.

The Dance of Death is made up of four tracks, the first being a three-minute-long intro that simply sets the stage. Once drawn in, Shades unleash their true power, and there’s no stopping it. The following three tracks slap so hard that you’ll forget where you are.

Stream this sinister new EP from Shades below. Enjoy!

Shades – The Dance of Death EP