Eprom Unveils Long-Awaited, Conceptual Electronic Album ‘Syntheism’


Eprom has been slowly teasing us with small glimpses inside what would be his first album in a decade. The electronic music innovator and trailblazer has entered a lane all on his own, making him one of the most exciting figures to watch. Today, he’s finally ready to unveil his long-awaited, groundbreaking album Syntheism, out now via Square Records.

Eprom’s penchant for rave-influenced sound design is as present as ever but this time sees the producer experimenting with an array of concepts, themes, and ideologies. Syntheism is a concept album. The thematic focus being a techno-utopian society capable of its own distinct culture, languages, and beliefs.

Combine this wildly creative narrative with Eprom’s unmatched production talents and Syntheism has lived up to the hype. Eprom draws on so many different musical and sound design influences, including UK garage, techno, glitch, breakcore, drum n bass, and more.

Syntheism also comes out ahead of Eprom’s highly-anticipated “Robotics” live show at Denver’s Mission Ballroom on July 29th. You can check out the entire album below and enjoy!

Eprom – Syntheism