Watch Eprom Drop Massive Wobbly Unreleased Track During Bassnectar’s NYE 360

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It seems like Eprom is always cooking up something wild.

Last week, when G Jones and Eprom served up a vicious opening set for Bassnectar’s NYE 360 event, we got a glimpse of a brand new unreleased track that Eprom has been working on. The unnamed track was mixed together with KW Griff’s “Bring In the Katz,” but you can easily hear the deep, garage sounding bass line that wobbles back and forth behind the vocals.

The only information we have on the track is a confirmation by G Jones that it is in fact an unreleased Eprom creation. Beyond that it’s a mystery, but we’ll keep on the lookout for any new information. Check out the video provided by reddit user u/ghostmacekillah below and enjoy!

Eprom unleashing a massive new banger during NYE b2b with G Jones from r/trap

kw griff – bring in the cats (mashed up w an unreleased @eprombeats tune)

— G JONES (@gjonesbass) January 1, 2019