Eric Prydz Shares Teaser Video Of New “EPIC 6.0” Live Production

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It’s no secret that Eric Prydz has some of the craziest live production in the world. Having blown us away time and time again with his massive “EPIC” (Eric Prydz In Concert) shows, today the dance-music legend has shared a teaser for his new 6.0 version of the HOLO stage design.

Coming as the sixth installment in his “EPIC” series, this latest endeavor presents a live experience that’s already looking absolutely insane. Featuring a multi-dimensional visual experience presented via a wide array of lights, lazers and LCD screens, although we’ve yet to catch wind of new developments for his forthcoming “VOID” project, HOLOSPHERE is looking like the most immersive show to date for the superstar DJ. Check out Eric Prydz’ teaser video below and enjoy!

EPIC 6.0


— Eric Prydz (@ericprydz) June 12, 2019