Ethereal Indie Duo Jadu Heart Give a Dreamy Flip to Neil Frances’ “Mr. Blue”


It’s always a treat when a band takes a song that’s already sweet and gives it a creative rework to make it sound like an entirely new song in a different genre. That’s exactly what happens on the new release from British duo Jadu Heart, who give Neil Frances’ up-tempo “Mr. Blue” a nostalgic laid-back flip.

If you’ve never checked out Jadu Heart before, you’re going to want to change that. They have a knack for making emotional, ethereal music that falls into a bucket that can only be described as fairy music. This mix of “Mr. Blue” is their first release since 2020 album Hyper Romance.

On this track, Jadu Heart lean into a more chill indie sound. Really the only thing reminiscent of the original Neil Frances version is the vocal stems, which Jadu Heart layer their own vocal harmonies over. The sleepy guitar strumming creates a much more sentimental, wistful tone that will transport you to a dreamy rainy-day mood.

You can check out this creative re-imagining using the link below. Enjoy!

Neil Frances – Mr. Blue (Jadu Heart Mix)