Watch Every Gorillaz Music Video In Chronological Order


Gorillaz has become one of the most famous groups of all time through their incredible branding and unique style of music. In recent weeks, they've gotten the world excited for their return with a brand new album that's set to come out in 2017. They've teased the project through Instagram posts, a new website and leaked information revealing potential tour dates on the horizon.

Gorillaz are not your typical group as they’re depicted as a “virtual band” with the members being animated characters. The British band was co-created by multi-talented musician Damon Albarn and animator Jaime Hewlett. The virtual band members consist of 2D, Murdoc Nickels, Russel Hobbs, and Noodle while their world and story is shown through course of their music videos. 

To tame our excitement, we've taken the pleasure of gathering all of the iconic group's official music videos into one mega list. From their first video "Rockit" to "Clint Eastwood" to "Feel Good Inc," you can find all of them here on TSIS. Take a stroll down memory lane and enjoy!

Gorillaz – Tomorrow Comes Today

Gorillaz – Clint Eastwood

Gorillaz – 19-2000

Gorillaz – Rock The House

Gorillaz – Rockit

Gorillaz – Feel Good Inc.

Gorillaz – DARE

Gorillaz – Dirty Harry

Gorillaz – El Manana

Gorillaz – Stylo

Gorillaz – On Melancholy Hill

Gorillaz – Broken

Gorillaz – Doncamatic

Gorillaz – Do Ya Thing

Gorillaz – November Has Come

Gorillaz – Samba At 13


Gorillaz – 5/4 (Storyboard) 

Gorillaz – Rhinestone Eyes (Storyboard)