Excision & Subtronics Share New Highly Anticipated Collab, “Bunker Buster”

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The wait for the wubs is over: Excision and Subtronics have finally released their highly anticipated collab “Bunker Buster” via Subsidia. The two teamed as a producer powerhouse to provide us with bass in bulk, and exceeded all expectations. The song is named after military ammunition that can penetrate fortified underground targets, and it’s very fitting for such a forceful ballad.

This is the kind of track that should come with a warning and require you to sign a waiver before listening, as it has the ability to annihilate you. It’s got a hyphy, anthem-like build up and then plummets into complete chaos. The entire song carries a massive sound that could only culminate from two heavyweights like this pairing up.

We’re basically drooling dreaming about hearing this live. Until then, listen below. Enjoy!

Excision & Subtronics – Bunker Buster