[PREMIERE] Exmag, JNTHN STEIN & Mick Jenkins Drop Funky Hip-Hop Collab “Spliff Temple”

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We love when we get surprised by unexpected collaborations. That’s exactly what we have for you today. We have the pleasure of premiering “Spliff Temple,” a new Exmag x JNTHN STEIN track featuring one of our favorite rappers, Mick Jenkins.

"Spliff Temple came to us from a cloud in JNTHN STEIN’s studio the first day we met. JNTHN was showing us the virtual patches and drum machines he’s created and started playing these nice chords on his Ableton Push. Before long we had a nice groove going and built synths and melodies around it. The track was complete after Mick Jenkins added his special vocal flare" -EXMAG

"Breathe in. Let the clouds in the sky fill your lungs and the rush of blood to your head sweep you off your feet and make you float effortlessly where you need to go. You're unstoppable when you feel good, all you need to do is follow the feeling wherever it takes you. When me Exmag and Mick made this song, that's all we had to do. Let the good vibes permeate. Let the good vibes permeate. Breathe out." -JNTHN STEIN 

It’s even better when these unexpected collaborations turn out to be a perfect compliment of different sounds, and “Spliff Temple” does just that. The luscious track is true to its name as it’s a perfect song to kick back and enjoy a spliff to. The funky track combines spacey synthesizers with lush textures layered with distorted guitar work while Mick proves to be the perfect fitt with his laid-back verse. Enjoy!

Exmag x JNTHN STEIN – Spliff Temple (Ft. Mick Jenkins)