Gramatik Releases Exmag Album “Proportions” : Must Hear Chill Live Electro-Soul With Free Download]

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With a few single releases and live performances peppered throughout 2013, Slovenian Electro-Soul pioneer Gramatik emerging funk-centric side project Exmag has unleashed a full debut album appropriately titled Proportions. Our first preview of the fruitful collaboration came via the  "Tilt Mode"  and "Creep Steadysingles; giving us a taste of Exmag's renegade of funk style. Their unique take on the electro-soul sound made popular has transformed into its very own living and breathing live band; with members Gramatik, Eric Mendelson, Tyler Dondero, Mike Iannatto and ILLUMNTR sharing an organic chemistry you can not achieve from one single producer. Weighing in at a hefty 18 tracks, Proportions collection of tunes features an array of psychedelic synths, crunchy bass breakdowns and impactful lyrics from the likes of Gibbz, Jason Huber of Cherub, and friends. Only a couple listens through the entire project and I can already tell it is going to be hard to stop replaying it. You can listen to the entire album below grab a free download for on the go! Enjoy

Exmag – Proportions | Free Download