Fakear Transforms The Palace of Versailles into Emotive Song “Palace of Time”

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Today we have a collaboration that’s not between two musicians but between a producer and a place. The famous Palace of Versailles has come up with the intriguing idea to invite musicians to explore the grounds and make a song inspired by its acoustic environment. For this year’s session, out today, the amazing Fakear had the honor of creating “Palace Of Time.”

Fakear wandered through the palace and listened intently for expressive elements. What stood out most to him was the rhythmic chiming of the clocks and the gentle twinkling of the chandeliers. He uses the latter for a delicate intro alongside birds chirping, and the ringing of the bell is introduced to change up the tempo. With the soft yet commanding touch of the piano atop the sounds, it blends beautifully as a sonic masterpiece. 

You can watch the video, filmed at Versailles, and listen to the song below. Enjoy!

Fakear – Palace of Time