Feed Me Bursts Back on the Scene with Explosive New Self-Titled Album

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It’s been a hot minute since we’ve heard the unmistakable energy of British producer, Feed Me. Today, we’re excited to share that this electro house hero in top form as he releases his new self-titled LP with eleven new tracks.

We’ve been long time fans of Feed Me, and we always love to see an artist grow their sound in new ways. This latest collection features some of the most multi-faceted work we’ve seen from him, entwining themes of classic electro, synthwave, dubstep, and warped pop in eleven masterfully mixed songs. If you’re looking for that mainstay high-octane electro house, may I recommend “If It Bounces” or “Tamp Tamp Tamp.” Or maybe the more contained energy of “Reckless” or “Stop Motion” is what draws you in. No matter your direction of choice, euphoric sonic walls and heart thumping sound design await, and let me tell ya, it’s one hell of a ride. In the words of Feed Me:

This album is a diary of distilled creative process, folding between analogue and digital in a way that mirrors the combination of hazy nostalgia and technological idealism

This project marks Feed Me’s sixth studio album and releases on his personal label, Sotto Voce. Stream Feed Me’s new self-titled LP below. Enjoy!

Feed Me – Feed Me