Brisbane Group First Beige Shares Groovy, Synth-Powered Track “Sudden Weight”


The latest treasure to come to us from the Australian airwaves is the genre-shakeup group First Beige. This six-person band takes the sounds of synth-pop, disco, and jazz and throws them in a blender to give fans a groovy fusion. Over the weekend, they dropped their latest single, “Sudden Weight”, which is a lofty jam featuring songstress Allysha Joy

This is a dreamy, synthed-out indie track full of musical twists and turns. First Beige is known for their instrumental improvisation, and they go off on plenty of grooving little riffs in “Sudden Weight”. The vocals smoothly float over the infectious and energetic harmony, imbuing the track with a little extra push of soul. It’s a frenzied and funky boogie that we know has to take on a life of its own when performed live. 

You can listen to the song below. Enjoy!

First Beige – Sudden Weight (ft. Allysha Joy)