Watch FKJ’s Dreamy Live Video In Front Of An Aquarium For “Die With A Smile”

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It’s been a little over two months since FKJ released his stellar debut album French Kiwi Juice. The 12-track project showcases FKJ’s talent when it comes to producing, vocals and playing a myriad of instruments. Featuring previously released singles like “Skyline” and “Go Back Home,” this talented artist packs his creations to the brim with soul and emotion. Beyond that, FKJ is a stunning live performer, looping instruments, production and vocals together all on his own.

This week FKJ uploaded an impressive live music video of him performing “Die With A Smile,” one of the numerous beautiful tracks from French Kiwi Juice. The video is the perfect match for the laid back, velvety tone of the track. It features FKJ bathed in shadow, with the eye-catching part of the video being the floor-to-ceiling aquarium in the background. The jellyfish, sharks and other fish floating effortlessly through the subdued blue hues of the water are a fitting match for FKJ’s incredibly smooth sound. FKJ plays the guitar, saxophone and sings in the video, showcasing just a few of his many talents as a musician. Watch the video below and enjoy!

FKJ – Die With A Smile | Purchase