Stream FKJ’s Must Hear, Funky & Soulful Debut Album ‘French Kiwi Juice’

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It’s no secret French multi-instrumentalist, producer and vocalist extraordinaire FKJ is one of our favorites. After years of incredible remixes and original tracks, the talented artist has shared his much-anticipated debut album French Kiwi Juice

FKJ’s sound is incredibly unique. The way he loops instruments to create a depth of layers is just amazing. His live sets and videos of his studio recordings display his insane versatile skill set that is the definition of the term "one man band". 

FKJ’s song captures endless amounts of funk and soul as he effortlessly loops sax, guitar, bass, keys and more as he even offers his own vocals to a handful of tracks. The 12-track project includes his previously releases singles "Skyline", “Better Give U Up”, "Go Back Home" and “Lying Together” and is a great LP from start to finish. The full project brings only one listed feature from a female vocalist listed as (((O))) on “Vibin’ Out” as the 12-track album is just what we wanted to hear from FKJ on his debut. For those who enjoy this album we highly recommend seeing him live if you have the chance. Enjoy!

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