Watch FKJ’s Captivating Performance Of Funky Unreleased Track “Lucky Stars” With Pomo

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If you ever see a video of FKJ doing a live studio session, press play immediately. We’ve been shown time and time again that the versatile producer, singer, and multi-instrumentalist can rock a live performance like no other. For example, take his mesmerizing live performance at the Paris Modern Art Museum that, when combined with his surroundings, took his art to the next level. Or when he hopped into the studio with Masego and the resulting impromptu jam session produced “Tadow”, a track that racked up millions of plays even before the two artists decided to give it an official release. All of this raw talent culminated in FKJ’s debut album French Kiwi Juice, which snagged an impressive #2 spot on our Top 20 Electronic Albums of 2017 list.

Now FKJ finds himself back in Red Bull Studios, but this time he’s in LA with the equally funky artist Pomo for an amazing new track "Lucky Star". FKJ looks at home surrounded by keyboards, microphones and midi controllers that allow him to lay down sweet piano riffs and electronically modulate his voice in a way that will make any Daft Punk fan do a double-take. Meanwhile, Pomo is rocking out on his own keys, laying down addicting basslines and soothing chord sequences that form the structure of the track. The two are accompanied by a talented guitarist whose driving riffs act like a sonic “cherry on top”. The result is a fantastically funky jam that we can only hope gets an official release ASAP. Enjoy!

FKJ & Pomo – Lucky Star