FKJ Drops Warm, Piano-Heavy Instrumental Track “TUI” In Surprise Release


The extremely talented multi-instrumentalist, singer and producer FKJ is an artist whose versatility always keeps us on our toes. You never know when he might drop a live jam session like his recent captivating performance of an unreleased track in Red Bull Studios LA, or his mesmerizing performance at the Paris Museum of Modern Art. His wide-ranging talents were focused last year into his stunning debut album French Kiwi Juice, which won a #2 spot on the TSIS Top 20 Electronic Albums of 2017 list.

FKJ has now shared a brand-new track “TUI”. The instrumental offering begins with a fast-paced piano melody flitting over a warm, soft bass accentuated with the organic sound of chirping birds. This peaceful yet energizing mix of instruments occasionally breaks off for a moment to be replaced by a rolling bird call that seems to be acknowledging its listener. FKJ’s masterful ability to build a track from its foundation is on full display here, as piano chords, snare drums, and slowly building synths all come together into a beautiful crescendo at the end of the track. Just as the last chords fade away, the bird call appears one more time to signal the track’s end. Enjoy!