FKJ Delivers Brilliant New 6-Track ‘Ylang Ylang’ EP


The world is a better place when FKJ releases new music. Just last week we got a taste of his latest Ylang Ylang EP, with the release of a new single “Risk,” featuring Bas. Today we get to let our ears feast on the whole project, which, along with “Risk,” includes five additional never before heard tracks from FKJ. 

On Twitter, FKJ briefly explained the concept behind the project: 

“Made these songs last year in this room called Ylang Ylang. I wasn’t planning on releasing them. I’m not sure why anymore. A lot of personal stuff in there. But hey here they are”

FKJ’s music can make you want to dance, think, and feel all at the same time. This new EP is as provoking as everything we love from the brilliant artist, and we can ensure that any fans of his will enjoy this one.

FKJ – Ylang Ylang EP