Flamingosis Creates An Otherworldly Funk Jam On “Cosmic Feeling”


NJ’s disco funk golden child, Flamingosis, has been steadily releasing some of the grooviest sample-based sounds for years now. His forthcoming album marks a partial switch up towards more live instrumentation and really proves that he truly has become a master of his craft. His December track Daymaker was a funky, summer inspired jam that had us feeling warm despite the cold winter months. His latest release, “Cosmic Feeling,” is yet another sonic home run and comes with an accompanying animated music video guaranteed to transport you to an otherworldly place.

Sampling the 1979 classic “If You Want It” by Niteflyte, Flamingosis pays homage to the Miami band while adding a unique 2021 spin on his new edit. Filled with all sorts of unique elements from groovy drum loops, to classical funk inspired string melodies, sampled vocals, and retro keyboards, “Cosmic Feeling” is as irresistibly fun as we’ve come to know and expect from him. Recorded in Denver, Colorado the track features live instrumentation from legendary musicians Borahm Lee, Hunter Roberts, Jeff Franca and Mike Tallman who all bring raw energy to the already lively production.

Debuting an 80s inspired animated video to coincide with the release, Flamingosis takes us on a scenic ride down the coast and straight to the beach for a frisbee-filled day. As the day turns into night, glittery stars appear and the frisbee enters another galaxy where we find a disco party and full band performing on the moon. We hope you’ll be vibing to this one as much as we are and be sure to stay tuned for any word on the release of his next album. But for now check out the awesome video in the stream below and enjoy!

Flamingosis – Cosmic Feeling