Flight Facilities Channel a Groovy Chicago House Sound on “Move” with DRAMA

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Flight Facilities have mastered the art of the groove. The duo have wooed us with their irresistible sound many times in the past, and today they do it again with a brand new single titled “Move.” This track also features another duo, DRAMA, a Chicago based collaborative project composed of Na’el Shehade and vocalist Via Rosa.

“Move” wastes no time, diving into a bouncy house bass line right off the bat. The inclusion of some euphoric piano chords during the build ups give this one an old school house feel along with the vocals from Via Rosa. The track elevates itself even further with a familiar organ melody during it’s climax, sending us into a trip through time, back to the early ’90s.

You can stream this brilliant new number from Flight Facilities and DRAMA below. Enjoy!

Flight Facilities – Move (feat. DRAMA)