Floret Loret Simulates Dark, Liquid Bass Soundscape on ‘Undulations EP’


The Florida bass music phenom, Floret Loret,has been consistently pushing the boundaries of his own sound with each and every release. The last time we featured him on the site was for his futuristic bass EP PROSPER which had us all in for the wild ride. His latest release, Undulations, is a two-track EP that comes to us via Deadmau5’s legendary label, mau5trap.

The EP continues Floret Loret’s trend for creating otherworldly sounds although this time he seems to take a darker, more emotional turn. The first track, “Into The Waters,” is a gritty liquid bass piece that features mystical sounds and instruments sprinkled throughout, simulating what it might be like to wander through an enchanted forest on another planet. The second song, “It Comes In Waves,” continues the liquidated theme only taking a slower and more rhythmic approach, creating an alien-like soundscape. Both tracks work so well with one another and when listened to together, make this feel like one endless loop.

We recommend headphones for listeners that want to get the most out of the experience but if that’s not possible, however you choose to listen will be just fine too. Stream the new EP below and enjoy!

Floret Loret – Undulations EP