Flume Assists On Production For Collaborator KUČKA’s Hypnotizing New Song “Drowning”


Almost three years have passed since we’ve heard a single from LA-based, Australian producer and singer Laura Jane Lowther, aka KUČKA. This time she’s teamed up once again with with fellow Australian Flume on the beautifully melancholic record “Drowning” out now via LuckyMe/Warp. She’s previously been featured on Flume songs like “Smoke & Retribution” and “Numb & Getting Colder.” The two have an obvious chemistry as Flume’s signature sound is apparent through his contributions of addition production to the track. 

Wholly wrapping up the package of “Drowning” into one cohesive and calming project, KUČKA went back to her hometown of Liverpool with director Dillon Howl to deliver us an intriguing video filled with emotions of nostalgia. You can watch the video below.

The lyrics of Drowning originated from intense imagery I saw when we first started producing the track. The textures we used made me think of someone lying just underneath the surface of a lake.  I thought about my own life and times where I felt I was barely able to keep afloat and wanted to capture that feeling, but also wanted the track to feel optimistic as I definitely wasn’t in that place anymore.”  – KUČKA

Throughout the piece we hear a constant tradeoff from serene moments of KUČKA’s voice telling us this story accompanied by elegant pianos to booming percussion, hypnotic shakers and moving basslines. “I felt like the delicacy of the vocals showed this vulnerability but the distorted beats showed power and I love how they work together to create a jagged yet beautiful texture” Lowther says. Listen to this beautiful pairing of strength and exposure below and enjoy!

KUČKA – Drowning | Stream + Download