Listen To Flume’s Surprise New Release “Hyperreal” Feat. Kučka


Australian musical icon Flume just surprised us all by dropping a new song with fellow Aussie producer/singer Kučka. Listeners may recognize Kučka’s voice from "Smoke & Retribution", one of the singles that was released prior to Flume’s sophomore album Skin 

This latest single combines Flume’s signature sound and experimental production methods together with Kučka’s unique voice, creating an unpredictable experience. Starting off with a wonky panned synth and some pulsing percussion, Kučka’s soft vocals layer in, becoming stretched and distorted as the song builds. Halfway through the track, some abrasive feedback takes over before releasing into a dark atmospheric pad, progressing the song forward.

We’re definitely impressed with this release and hope that it means more new music from Flume is on the way. Listen to “Hyperreal” (feat. Kučka) below and enjoy!

Flume – Hyperreal (Ft. Kucka) | iTunes