Watch Flume Drop New IDs, Plant Flowers, Smash Printers & More At Lollapalooza

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If there’s one thing we’ve come to know and love about Flume, it’s that he just does things differently. As the Australian superstar has continued to surpass all of our expectations time and time again throughout his impressive career, it was no surprise that his Lollapalooza set this year was an absolutely wild experience.

Historically, Lollapalooza has offered artists a platform to pull out all the stops and dole out some truly unique live performances – as was definitely the case with Flume’s latest setup. While the multi-talented producer brought out numerous friends and collaborators to perform his many iconic singles, he went to great lengths to make his set memorable by planting flowers mid-song, smashing a printer with a sledgehammer and nearly lighting himself on fire with a grind wheel… Check out all the action below + Flume’s full livestreamed performance and enjoy!

Flume – Lollapalooza 2019 Highlights


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@flume planted flowers, smashed a printer, dropped new music and had the most fun at Lolla – link in bio 🔗

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Flume – Lollapalooza 2019 Full Performance