Flume Takes Us Back to 2014 with New Hidden Gem “Slugger”


Flume has just officially unearthed an old track from 2014 and released it! The move is part of the 10th anniversary of his eponymous debut album, Flume, originally released in 2012. The seminal project marked a major shift in the early 2010s, an era that is widely considered the “golden age” of EDM.

The new song is titled “Slugger 1.4 [2014 Export.WAV],” and it’s like stepping into a time machine. The classic Flume synths and percussion that enamored us to the Aussie when he first burst onto the music scene will crash over you in a wave of nostalgia. What’s most satisfying about this tune is that it barely sounds like an eight-year-old track. Flume’s ingenuity still clearly holds up nearly a decade later.

Flume decided to release these older tracks when he found the old laptop that he used to create Flume. “Slugger” is the first he’s officially released so far, but we’re hoping that there’s more to come.

You can listen to “Slugger” from Flume below. Enjoy!

Flume – Slugger 1.4 [2014 Export.WAV]