Flux Pavilion Releases Masterful ‘.wav’ Album, Showcasing New Sound & Impressive Analog Synth Work


Flux Pavilion is departing from the dubstep and bass music he helped pioneer after a decade as one of the premiere artists of the genre. His new album, .wav, is driven by a newfound focus on melody through the use of analog synths, with 90% of the synths used on the album being analog. You can immediately feel the difference it’s made. Paying close attention to sound design and refining tones, he’s crafted some gorgeous, expansive soundscapes by putting together layers of vibrant synths, electric guitar, and mystifying vocals in unique ways. The producer’s versatility and mastery of sound is on full display on .wav.

Perhaps no track is more indicative of Flux’s new attitude towards music is “Partial Fugue in B Minor,” the artist’s electronic take on a Bach symphony. It’s unmistakably Flux Pavilion in its buzzy, bass sounds and massive drum hits, but Flux had a ton of fun experimenting with melodic ideas, which you can hear throughout the entire album.

The album title references high fidelity “.wav” audio files. Flux saying that it “feels like I was personally upgraded and my sound, so it feels like calling it a WAV is highly appropriate…To me, a WAV feels like a visual vinyl, a thing of beauty, a crafted piece of work.”

The cinematic “I Believe” is undoubtedly the shining moment of this visual vinyl. Creating a shimmery, uplifting atmosphere to accompany Asha’s vocals, Flux unleashes a brilliant, effervescent cascade of synths that are underscored by a rousing low end. It’s a behemoth of a track that strikes to the core, just in a different manner that his dubstep might have struck. Flux discussed his evolution as an artist on this album that sees a departure from the bass sound that he had become so synonymous with.

“I personally have become more out of touch with the way things have been going in bass music. The more I think about it, I don’t think I was ever in touch. I think it was an accident — at that point in my life, I was just living my life and doing my own thing. I was interested in bass music and went along for the ride. Now I’m jumping off that ride. It’s not that I never liked it, I’m more reconnecting with myself and what makes me happy.”

Although .wav might not be the sound listeners are used to from Flux Pavilion, it’s undoubtedly the best version of the artist, one unfettered by expectation or genre.

Flux will be doing an album livestream on February 5th, playing live versions of the new songs armed with his guitar and synthesizers. It’s sure to be a unique experience visually and sonically, you can find the link to check it out here. Listen to the new album in the stream below. Enjoy!

Flux Pavilion – .wav