Flying Lotus to Release New Sci-Fi Horror Film, ‘Ash’

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Few offer such creative, outside-the-box art as Flying Lotus. While most known for his music, FlyLo also has worked on films, and today he’s just announced a new one—a science fiction horror flick titled Ash.

Ash is set on a distant planet, where a woman wakes up to find the crew of her space station viciously killed and follows her investigation into what happened.

Flying Lotus will be working on Ash with XYZ Films, who are responsible for some cerebral titles such as Vivarium and The Platform. According to FlyLo, they’ve already started developing new storytelling methods. He told Deadline today that he really wants “to show the world something they’ve never seen before.”

Ash will follow 2017’s Kuso, a shock-inspiring film that caused a ruckus at Sundance. When asked on social media if this movie would be similar, he said that while Kuso was about the body, “Ash is more about the mind.”

‘ASH’ is high tension sci-fi survival horror that plays with perception! We’ve already started developing new ways to tell the story in ways I haven’t seen yet! Hype🙏🏿🙏🏿 @XYZFilms

— FLYLO (@flyinglotus) January 26, 2022