Folamour’s Album ‘Manifesto’ Stretches the Breadth of House Music & Beyond

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Veteran French DJ and producer, Folamour, has developed a widely unique musical versatility that draws from influences in jazz, disco, pop, dance, and more. With six studio-length albums under his belt, he’s no stranger to creating conceptual bodies of work. Today, he’s continuing his journey with his latest album, Manifesto, a project that explores the idea of “love and freedom.”

Coming in at a respectable 14 tracks, Manifesto is a deep dive into the rich and diverse spectrum of house music and beyond. Folamour encapsulates the thriving disco house energy of today on tracks like “Poundland Anthem,” “Manifesto,” and “Freedom.” The project also forays into more funk-leaning and indie adjacent corners on tracks like “Heartbroken,” “Friends,” and “Amore.” Folamour’s penchant for afro-centric rhythms and melodies has always been present in his music and can be heard on “Birds” and “Voyage.”

In Folamour’s own impassioned words:

“This is a manifesto of my love for a free humanity, of my affection for these sparks that are born from our frictions. When we are open to the other, we can highlight friendship and sharing, which only forges us even more. Exempt of expectations and constraints, we unveil ourselves in a new light. It warms up the hearts and minds of those for whom freedom it’s still a mirage in an infinitely lonely desert, where there is only room for deception. Thus, we believe in ourselves. But in the others too. We don’t accept any compromise. We yearn for the peace that we deserve, and we shall fight for these knocked-down walls. For the rare oasis of love, where we feel free and safe. We will be who we choose to be, where we shall be loved.”

Stream the full album below and enjoy!

Folamour – Manifesto