ford. Announces Upcoming Sophomore Album With Beautiful Soundscape “The Color Of Nothing”

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20 year old electronic producer ford. has just announced that he will be adding a second album to his already impressive collection of music. The announcement is accompanied by the release of the album’s title track “The Color of Nothing” which has been paired with a beautiful video, full of thought-provoking visuals.

The track is full of colorful synths that entrance listeners into an ambient soundscape, while spaced out piano chords provide emotion and depth to this enchanting track. The power of this song is in its ability to totally transport the listener, alone with the music and the thoughts that flow from it. 

Speaking on the track, ford. explains:

“I started writing this song right around the beginning of winter 2018… At the time, so many things were changing in my life, music was the one thing I had to ground me; it was a chance for me to be honest with my thoughts and emotions. 

“The Color of Nothing” as a song represents this pivotal point, this blank canvas that comes with the turning of a new leaf where all preconceived ideas are left behind and one can create without boundaries or expectations. In a strange way, it’s a song that has been somewhat of an anchor for me through a lot over the past 2 years.”

If those poignant words are any indication of the kind of music we will see on this new album, we should be very excited for another full length project brimming with emotion. “The Color of Nothing” gives listeners a taste of the beautiful soundscape that is to come on the upcoming album, which comes out October 16 via Foreign Family Collective.

Check out the new track, accompanied by a video, below. Enjoy!

ford. – The Color Of Nothing