Foreign Family Collective Artists Convene For Vibey ‘Rare.wavs, Vol. 1’ Album

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Upon getting the inside scoop that ODESZA‘s label Foreign Family Collective was inviting their most talented musical mates to create a compilation album, we knew it was going to be an absolute treat. Artists like Jai Wolf, Kasbo, Chrome Sparks, Chet Porter, Pluko, Fakear, MEMBA, and more brought their best for Rare.wavs, Vol 1, which is full of dancey downtempo sounds.

This scorching hot beat tape dropped today, and if you were lucky enough, you got to hear them preview it live on YouTube this morning. Each track’s artwork is also being minted as a 1 For 1 NFT in a 24-hour auction, which you can participate in here.

The producers were given no rules and no criteria—just asked to “release music without expectations”. It’s incredible to know that these are all independently created, yet together as an album the songs have such a cohesive feel. The tracks freely flow together, stitching lighthearted chords and ambient soundscapes. There’s some beautiful lo-fi house, some downtempo, with a couple of disco-infused bops to round it out.

You can listen to the compilation below. Enjoy!

Foreign Family Collective – Rare.wavs, Vol. 1