Foreign Family Teases ODESZA Tour in 2022

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There is a very real chance that ODESZA will be back to touring next year. It’s been two years since they performed their climactic A Moment Apart finale, and then subsequently dove into their collaborative BRONSON project with Golden Features (during the pandemic). With live music back on the menu, many of us ODESZA fans are wondering when they will announce their next live show.

Recently, Foreign Family (ODSEZA’s own label) posted a photo of the duo performing live along with a caption that reads: Who’s ready for next year?

That’s about as close to a tour confirmation as you can get without actually announcing anything.

In addition to this teaser, it’s definitely worth mentioning that ODESZA already have confirmed that music is arriving in 2022. New music almost always comes alongside a tour, so we’re feeling very confident that we’ll be able to experience the beloved Northwest duo live again soon.