Four Tet Shares 3 New Stunningly Good Mixes

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Four Tet has been one of the busiest artists of quarantine season. He’s released his tenth studio album, unloaded a ton of live edits, and constantly streams DJ sets from his remote home. He’s also been appearing on many different radio shows.

Recently, Four Tet shared three new sets from these radio appearances: one from NTS, one from Radio 1 with Pete Tong, and another “more mellow” one for Love Record Stores. All of these have taken place in the past month, and it’s mind-boggling how he’s able to arrange so much different music together with so little time.

You can check out the NTS and Love Records Stores mixes below, and listen to the Radio 1 mix here, which starts at 1:29:00.

Four Tet for Love Record Stores

Four Tet for NTS