Franky Wah Is Magnificent On Anjunadeep Debut With Gripping EP ‘Should Have Seen It Coming’

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Don’t say you should have seen this exceptional talent coming, we’re here now to tell you that Franky Wah is set to be one of the most exciting house acts out of the UK in recent years. After a big 2020 that saw his smash hit “Come Together” nominated as one of Annie Mac’s Hottest Records of the Year, the producer has quickly shot into the spotlight, and rightfully so. He’s now made his debut on the legendary Anjunadeep label with the four-track Should Have Seen It Coming EP. The label is a great fit for the producer, who’s productions meld the best of classic house, melodic techno, and breakbeats.

Here’s what Franky had to say about joining up with the label:

“I’ve been into Anjuna since I can remember really. I’ve found the label has always struck a real sweet spot in my personal taste as their releases use a lot of old school elements with a modern twist which is essentially my sound.”

This riveting EP is an ethereal escape with its masterful synthwork and entrancing melodies. Leading the charge is the title track, featuring a cascade of siren-like synths and the airy vocals of AETHO. The lofty synths sweep us into the next track, the deeper “The Last Stand,” which contrasts a thumping kick with a celestial atmosphere of uplifting vocal backings and an intricate synth build up. This vibrant melody carries seamlessly into the high energy, club-ready “91” and it’s hard-driving, retro bassline. The EP wraps up with another beautiful atmosphere on the melodic “Boundaries,” and our elevated journey comes to a reluctant conclusion.

We’re so looking forward to hearing what Franky Wah has in store for 2021; hopefully he’ll get to make some magic on the dance floor with these new tracks. Check out the full EP in the stream below. Enjoy!

Franky Wah – Should Have Seen It Coming EP