5 Must-See Moments from Fred again..’s Wild Boiler Room Set

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Fred again.. is continuing his world domination by delivering one of the most entertaining Boiler Room sets we’ve seen in a long time. Coming off the heels of his brand new track with Swedish House Mafia, working with some modern electronic music greats like Four Tet and Skrillex, and preparing for his next album, there was so much potential for Fred’s Boiler Room debut to be great. It was all that and more.

Multiple times during this set, we had to rewind and rewatch the madness that had just occurred. The crowd was absolutely electric for the full hour, going crazy for their favorite tracks—or one of the many unreleased gems that Fred rinsed. There were also some moments of hilarity and/or second-hand embarrassment from the crowd (which is somewhat typical for Boiler Room sets).

We went through the full set and timestamped our five favorite moments from the video. You can check them out below for your own viewing pleasure. Enjoy!

1. Fred drops his unreleased collab with Skrillex

One of the most anticipated tracks of the year here. This brilliant dubstep tune features three of electronic music’s best on the same tune, as well as the mighty vocals of Flowdan. This one got a well-deserved reload.

2. Fred debuts an unreleased Skrillex bass house track

This one has been teased by Fred before, but the reaction is on another level this time around. With the iconic “my name is is Skrillex” before the drop, this banger detonates into a mad bass house groove that has the crowd going nuts (soon after, Yellow Shirt Guy makes a big mistake).

3. Yellow Shirt Guy accidentally stops the music

It’s everyone’s worst nightmare. The energy in the room is going insane, and all of the sudden—the music stops. One of the crowd members got a little too close to the decks while dancing and accidentally hits the play/pause button. Immediately realizing the mistake, Fred starts the music again—and the crowd erupts. Yellow shirt guy then goes in for a hug.

4. Fred masterfully jams on his MPC

What a way to start off the show. Fred isn’t just DJing during this set, he’s also playing tracks live via his own MPC. The precision here is incredible, hitting heavy drum rhythms over some euphoric vocals. He hops back and forth from DJing to the MPC a couple times during the show.

5. Fred rinses unreleased Four Tet track “Mango Feedback”

This is the latest Four Tet track that fans have been drooling over since he originally started playing it out earlier this year. Since Fred has gotten quite close with him (Four Tet helped produce “Jungle”), he seems to have a couple of unreleased bangers in his pocket.