Fred again.. & India Jordan Share Immaculate New Collab “Admit It (U Don’t Want 2)”

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The UK dance music scene is always breaking boundaries and pioneering new sounds. Two of London’s most forward-thinking producers, Fred again.. and India Jordan, have combined their critically acclaimed talents on a remarkably immersive new track, “Admit It (U Don’t Want 2).”

This tune is something truly special. While the tempo is set to a rapid pace, the production is distinctly tranquil. Stimulating energy permeates through the air but leaves listeners peacefully invigorated as diced synths steadily wine through the upper register while complimented by manipulated vocal samples.

These two progressive artists sound perfectly in sync, and when asked about their process, it’s plain to see why.

India Jordan:

The track started as a couple of stems from some old loops I had that I sent to Fred, last year – then I eventually went over to his a couple of times in December and we made the track together, accompanied by some lovely walks down the River Thames and lots of cups o’ tea. It was great to work with him, had lots of fun!

Fred again..:

It was such an effortless joy working with India on this. We made it in like three sessions and finished it on the rooftop where I live. It was sick that like while we were working on it India could go and road test it when they’d play out and we ended up evolving the tune based on the reaction. We both wanted to make something that just honoured the feeling of hearing ‘u don’t want 2…..admit that it hurts you’ in a rave. That line really resonated with us.

Stream “Admit It (U Don’t Want 2)” by Fred again… and India Jordan below. Enjoy!

Fred again.. & India Jordan – Admit It (U Don’t Want 2)