Freddie Gibbs Drops New Album “Freddie” And It May Be His Hardest Album Yet

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Freddie Gibbs may be the best actual “gangsta” rapper in hip hop right now. There’s no doubt that he deserves to be named alongside some of best current best MCs. Freddie Gibbs first really stepped into the limelight in 2014 when he dropped his critically acclaimed collaborative album “Pinata,” which was produced entirely by the legendary Madlib. Since then, he’s dropped a couple albums and an EP, all of which were top-notch.

Today, Freddie Gibbs drops his fifth studio album, Freddie, and, if nothing else, this album goes HARD. The Gary, Indiana rapper isn’t necessarily known for having beats with huge amounts of bass that will slap on a good sound system, but that changes today. Freddie is 10 tracks long. Each song weighs in at around two and a half minutes, but each one is a certified banger with dark, heavy, murky production.

If you consider yourself a hip-hop head, then you definitely need to check out this new album. Stream Freddie below and enjoy!

Freddie Gibbs – Freddie