Freddy Todd Cooks Up Some Funkadelic Vibes With ‘Moonflavours II’ Album


The funky bass master Freddy Todd is back in a big way with his latest album Moonflavours II. Somewhat of a departure from the heavier, experimental bass Todd generally focuses on, the album is a sequel to the colorful and groovier Moonflavours from 2013. Of the album, Todd said:

“I wanted an outlet to do whatever I wanted sonically and not worry about the dancefloor while flexing fun melodies and diving into other genres.”

Todd still maintains that creative edge as he plunges into this project with intricate melodies and exquisite sound design. The album develops a very intriguing vibe, incorporating a range of tempos and influences, from house, jazz, electronica, and bass, breakbeat, and beyond.

Crisp rhythms, vibrant synths, and funky basslines underscore the project as it develops a vivid sound and bouncy energy. “Bacc Floor” particularly stands out as a defining moment of the album as it blends waves of synths, dynamic percussion, and jazzy horns to arrive at some serious funk. As the album progresses, the bass gets a little bit heavier and headier, with tracks like “Cerebral Contagion” and “Santas Closed Docking Stations” really getting glitchy and into that psychedelic sphere. The album progresses to this point naturally, especially for those who appreciate Freddy’s kick-ass sound design. 

This album is an awesome listen for fans of funk, and even for those that love bass. Check it out in the stream below. Enjoy!

Freddy Todd – Moonflavours II