Freddy Todd Changes Gears With First-Ever Hybrid House EP, ‘Liquefaction’

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Freddy Todd has always been known for having one of the most multifaceted, genre-less styles in the game. I’m still willing to bet you weren’t expecting the Detroit native to put out a house project but that’s exactly what he did. Today, we present to you, Liquefaction, Freddy Todd’s first dedicated hybrid house EP.

The first track, “Into My Eyes,” is an acid techno crawler featuring some unmistakable vocals from Wreckno. Right out the gate, Freddy makes sure to get you moving and doesn’t let up on the gas from there. The rest of the EP is flooding with addictive melodies, creeped-out vocals, and slamming bass house rhythms.

Freddy Todd has shown he’s capable of making anything sound new and exciting. We can’t get enough of this house facade and hopefully this is just the beginning. Stream the EP below and enjoy!

Freddy Todd – Liquefaction